Compound VS Crossbow

Compound VS Crossbow
What should i use this year? A compound, or a crossbow? Find out the pros and cons of both bows and figure whats going to work best for you!


The bows used in this video:

Compound- Bear Game over:

Crossbow- Barnett Raptor FX:

Setup (Rig) Balance With a Separator When Bait Cast Fishing

Setup balance which is keen and complete is critical when bait cast fishing. A separator specifies the position and balances the setup of the bait basket and hook line. If you decide to make your own separator, the easiest type will resemble an L-shape with a short staff and the base angling slightly downward. Expect a result of longer casting distance with less setup mishaps with the separator.

How To Bait A Hook Using Worms

Baiting a hook with a live worm isn’t difficult, but there are things that can be done to make it more effective. This article outlines how to bait a hook using worms as bait. Great tips and tricks.

Fall Trout Fishing: The Top 3 Baits

Based on my personal experience fishing for trout for the last 25 plus years I have learned that certain baits seem to perform better than others when it comes to fall trout fishing. In this article I will list the top 3 so that you can make sure that you have one or all of them available to you the next time that you head out in search of fall trout.

A Hybrid L-Shape Separator for Bait Cast Fishing Is Different From the Basic L-Shape

The intricacies of their individual design are different with the basic L-Shape and the Hybrid L-Shape. The L-Shape separator is easier to make. As for the Hybrid L-Shape it is an ‘L’ design upon completion, but aside from this and performance results, there are few similarities.

Freshwater Fishing Lures – How To Choose Yours

Deciding which artificial fresh water baits and lures to choose when starting out fishing can be difficult because there are so many to choose from. They all claim to be every fisherman’s answer to catching great fish but things are never that simple. Do a little research before you waste your money on lures that are just dead ducks in the water.

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