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Women in Fly Fishing

Everything has changed- in the fly fishing sphere anyway. It is no longer solely a man’s world, a boy’s club where women are not welcome. Women have been flocking to the sport over the past few years. Many would even consider themselves “enthusiasts.”

Spey Casting on Still Waters

Being from the South, I had a rather auspicious start to my fishing career. Like most other children in the area, I started out with a cane pole and bobber. These poles were just solid columns of bamboo around 12 feet plus with a bit of string on the end.

Fly Fishing Etiquette – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Most fly fishers take river etiquette very seriously. As more people become enlightened to the joys of fly fishing, our rivers become more crowded. In many spots, spending the day on the river without seeing anyone is a thing of the past.

Fishing With Dad

My earliest memories were fishing with my Dad. There was a small pond just down the street that we would walk down to after dinner. Dad would carry all our gear which included the very basics: cane pole, bobber, and a can of warms.

Fishing in Unimproved Areas – A Woman’s View

Ah, the two most feared words to most female camping/fishing enthusiasts (at least initially)… unimproved area! Translated means no bathroom accessibility nearby. Images brought to mind equate with digging holes (ugh), leaves (double ugh), and critters where you don’t want them (don’t even go there).

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