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Merry Christmas! It’s a bit late but it’s ok😂

Fathead Minnow

What are some facts of interest about the Fathead Minnow? Learn about this small, hardy fish.

Redear Sunfish

What are the habits of Redear sunfish? Where do they live? Are they good for eating? For what kinds of species control are they used? Find out more here.

Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid striped bass are a popular fish for sport and food. Learn more about them here.

A Popular Fish

What are crappie? This article gives an overview of this very popular game fish.

The Edge Of Water: Where Schools Of Fish Congegrate And Is The Best Place To Catch Them

To catch a fish one must not only rely on his fish hooks and bait, but one must also venture to specific places where the fish gather together to find food, shelter, protection and where they brood. There no more satisfying feeling than to know exactly when and where the fish will be! It’s as if you’re picking them right out of the water with little effort despite all the fight they put up.

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