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Oversized Sturgeon Fishing in the Northwest

The author describes a recent fishing trip on the Columbia River. This is his first experience fishing for oversized sturgeon.

Vancouver BC Pink Salmon Fishing

The Pink Salmon or “Humpy” is the smallest of the five Pacific Salmon. However don’t let their size fool you. These scrappy fish only return in odd numbered years in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. Anglers can expect excellent opportunities during the peak migration periods of late August to mid September. Pink Salmon range in size from 4-6 pounds and put up a great battle on both fly-fishing and spin fishing gear. These fish have a reputation to be aggressive biters and provide steady action for anglers of all skill levels.

5 Tips for Catching Bass

Once you catch your first bass, you are done for. The best strategy for catching fresh water bass is to know when and where to fish and includes the right equipment. Of the 5 tips for catching bass, a short lesson on the natural tendencies of bass is most beneficial.

Fall Wiper on the Fly

Fly-fishing for wiper in the fall is a bit different from in the spring. As always, finding wiper plays the largest role in catching them and it is no small feat to do so. And as usual, finding shade is key to finding wiper. Here I will shed a little light on the subject by discussing methods I use to produce fish in the late summer through late fall.

Warm Water Fly Fishing at the Core

When you decide to do something that not many people are doing you end up with a steep learning curve most of the time. So it is with warm water fly fishing. Although the sport goes way back in time, it has nowhere near the following of its counterparts, making it difficult to find insightful information to help you get on your way. Revisiting some of the most basic elements of fishing will help you become a better warm water fly fisherman.

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