Lure/bait review; football jigs

Choosing Top Homemade Carp Boilie Bait Ingredients For Big Fish!

Get the biggest edge in carp fishing! The most powerful way to catch more fish is to always keep ahead of instinctive and bait-conditioned fish feeding caution by using your own biggest edge in fishing, by making your baits and thinking differently. Develop your biggest critical edge and fastest short-cut to big carp success right now and reap the big rewards by reading on right now!

Fishing Tips for Catching Trout

In this article, I will shed some light on fishing for sea trout sometimes called speckled trout or white trout. Read on as I write about fishing areas,baits and techniques that can be used to land these great table fairing fish.

How to Select A Fly For Fly Fishing

Using the right lure or fly, plus presentation can make all the difference in the world in catching your fish. Mimicking the insects around you can achieve this goal.

Muskie Fishing in Various Seasons

The muskie, also known as Muskellunge, is a variety of fish located in the northern part of North America, mostly in the region of the Great Lakes. It can be also seen in rivers like the Allegheny and Ohio, as also in the southern part of the Tennessee River Valley. It may weight over sixty pound, and it inherits some of its personality from the northern pike, such as a flat head on an extended body.

Gulf Shores Alabama Surf Fishing

Surf fishing the Gulf Shores Alabama area requires one to think, watch and listen to our beautiful gulf coast. In the following Gulf Shores, Alabama surf fishing article you will learn how to think about target areas, watch for baitfish locations and look for signs that scream fish. Listen to the environment and locals in the right locations. When your prepared to do the following things, rod bending, water thrashing, reel screaming action becomes a reality on the Gulf Shores, Alabama beaches.

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