Fishing with Robotic lure attempt#2 – underwater footage – no fish

This is the second attempt to fish with the electric self swimming robot lure.

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If you wanna se how it works i made a video about it:
Robotic Swimming Lure – Unboxing and testing in bathtub

Choosing the Best Baits for Catfishing

There are several things that should be taken into consideration when choosing catfishing bait. Catfish, while thought of only as bottom feeders, are in fact known to feed anywhere in the water. The time of year and type of water you’ll be fishing in will be a great factor in determining the type of bait that will be productive in catching monster catfish.

How To Teach The Kids To Fish Safely

Every parent worries about the safety of their children when it comes to sports. Perhaps Moms are a little more cautious than Dads but there are safety concerns that both parents will certainly address. One sport that is considered one of the least likely to create safety issues is fishing. It must be realized though that this sport too has it necessary precautions that must be taken.

Catfishing Rigs and Tricks

There are plenty of fish in any body of water but still many find it hard to catch a big catfish. If there are plenty of fish then there are plenty of good techniques in fishing. One of the known techniques in catching catfishes is by applying ‘Rigging’. Remember that some techniques work for certain angler, fish, area, weather and season. Apply rigging when it seems suitable for your fishing trip. Rigging is a technique practiced by many anglers and it is very effective. Knowing and trying different types of rigging will give you the experience and skills to expand your fishing skills. Here are three types of rigging that you should try and find out which is perfect for you.

Fishing in the Peak District

The rivers of the Peak District; the Wye, the Dove, the Lathkill, the Derwent, and others, are famous for fly fishing all around the world. Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton first put the area on the map when Walton wrote The Complete Angler in the 17th Century; a book chronicling his and Cotton’s experiences and giving instruction and tips to other anglers. Not only are there rivers, but there are numerous ponds, reservoirs and lakes for anglers to explore.

5 Reasons Why Catfishing Is So Special

Many people would argue with me on the fact that catfishing is considered the best game that someone could play. I’m not suggesting that other game fishing types are of no value or something, but I really think that catfishing is the most challenging, enjoyable and rewarding among all of them.

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