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What Are The Characteristics Of The Best Spinning Reel On The Market?

Are you interested in purchasing a spin fishing reel? There are many characteristics that point to a high quality spinning reel. This article has information on what to look for when shopping for your next reel.

Inline Spinner Tactics For Trout Fishing

In line spinners are a very effective trout bait choice. This article reveals some effective tactics to employ when using these trout fishing lures.

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews: A Fishing Kayak Checklist

You are ready to hit the water and get some of that much needed time out and, hopefully, fresh fish for dinner. If you are like me, no matter how often you set out and no matter how well you pack, you will find that you have forgotten a much needed item. You resolve that next time, it will be the first item on the list… only to find that another important item has been forgotten. Here is a partial checklist of the items you will need and some important considerations when outfitting your fishing kayak.

Small Water Salmon Fishing in New York

Small water Salmon fishing in New York can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Top 5 Trout Fishing Lures

When it comes to the act of fishing for trout many anglers prefer not to use bait and therefore have to use some manifestation of a trout fishing lure. In this article I will outline the top 5 trout fishing lures so that you can make sure that you have one (or all) of them available to you the next time that you head out in search of trout.

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