Cheeky Fly Fishing — Ambush 375 Reel Review

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Safety Tips for Beginners in Spear Fishing

Getting the most out of a spear fishing getaway does not only involve being satisfied with the fish you caught. Being safe at all times is still the most important thing to consider to fully enjoy the underwater experience.

Spinner Fishing – 3 Of The Most Effective Inline Spinners

If you fish with inline spinners, make sure that these three varieties are a part of your repertoire. They will help you to catch more fish.

Enjoy A Salmon Fishing Vacation To Unwind Yourself

If one is looking for a different type of vacation to unwind with friends or family, then a salmon fishing vacation is an interesting option. Of course one needs to have an affinity towards fishing and a boat to enjoy a fishing vacation.

3 Lures for Winter Bass Fishing

Winter can be one of the toughest times to catch bass, you need to adjust your tactics from all other seasons to get any in the boat. Read here to find out what works best!

New Salmon Fishing Strategy – Fooling Fish With Magnetic Deviation

Not long ago, I was talking with an acquaintance about how animals often navigated by way of the magnetic North Pole. He noted that his brother was a marine biologist and was always interested in such things. Specifically we talked about a recent Wall Street Journal article on the topic of Salmon using their internal biological magnetic compass to return to the streams they’d followed out to the sea.

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