Top 2 Finesse Fishing Techniques

Top 2 Finesse Fishing Techniques.

Today were talking to you about our top two favorite finesse fishing techniques!

Best Bass Lure For All Seasons:

Fishing Charter: A Different Kind Of Vacation

If you’ve been looking for vacation ideas somewhat out of the norm, you might consider renting a fishing charter boat for a weekend. You’ll find an abundance of these companies, both full service and barebones, in areas where water tourism is a major draw.

3 Reasons to Buy Fishing Gloves

Fishing gloves are an important piece of outdoor gear. While they don’t get the attention of rods, reels, or lures they are an important part of any angler’s collection of equipment.

Humminbird Smart Cast RF35 Fishfinder

This is a pretty handy fishfinder for any angler! The screen is large enough to be readable, yet it looks much like a watch! All information you need to increase chances of good catch is right in the screen.

My Style of Bait Cast Fishing

My style of bait cast fishing is a simple one. The bait is edible and not a lure or something resembling what a fish eats. I do not use live bait.

The Benefits of Selecting Inelastic Instead of Elastic Hook Line Support for Bait Cast Fishing

An elastic or rubber support is popular because it stretches to the cushion and protects the hook line. Without it, thin test lines are easily snapped by large, powerful fish. Instead of elastic, I use material which is inelastic, and I rely on it to reinforce my hook line. There are good reasons for this.

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