Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod Review

Let’s Catch Jaws! – Shark Fishing Made Easy

Fishing has been described as a relaxing pastime; some would even label it as ‘boring’. But how about the flipside to this varied sport – Shark Fishing! It is not for the faint hearted, but it is a very accessible sport that you should try one day.

The Best Fishing Places In The World!

If you enjoy a spot of fishing but are bored with your current spots, why not think about going somewhere really special? You may as well treat yourself to the best that the world has to offer, because you work so hard all year round! Let’s have a look at some of the places you should be dreaming about. Who knows, you may even get to see a few of them very soon!

Spring Is in the Air and the Fish Are Biting

With spring right around the corner I start getting dreams of fishing at my favorite fishing hole. I start taking out my old trusty fishing poles getting them ready for a new season of angling. Add new line to all my reels and sharpen all my hooks and lures.

Early Season Trout Fishing Tips

Fishing for trout early in the season presents some unique challenges. This article will help you overcome these challenges and catch more trout.

Fly Line Basics

When starting to learn the art of fly fishing, an understanding of the different types of fly line is very important. When most anglers think of the fly line, they think of that bright colored line floating on the water after being cast. This is the most common type of fly line, especially for beginners, but there are actually three main categories of fly line based on their diameter and densities.

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