Putting Together Trolling Lures – Part 1

This is a video about all how to put together a fishing trolling lures.
How to pick the right size hooks, as well as crimping and adding swivels.

Choosing the Best Freshwater Fishing Lure

You can dramatically increase the success of your fishing trips by learning how to choose the best lure. All things being equal there are two tips that will work in your favour when fishing. Here are the two best ways to choose a lure that will help you land more fish in less time!

Fishing in Sumter National Forest’s Enoree District

South Carolina’s Sumter National Forest is a popular recreational area for hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities. The Enoree Ranger District is located in the central piedmont area, a short drive from major population centers in Columbia and Greenville. Fishing is allowed in the three major rivers that flow through the national forest as well as in a number of small lakes. Fishing areas are managed in cooperation with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. A valid South Carolina fishing license is required for fishing on national forest land.

Some Information About Fluorocarbon Line

The fundamental styles of terminal tackle include no sinker, sinker-above, sinker below and no sinker/floated. The other rigs are the mixture or the alternative of these three styles. They are developed with a view to meet the needs of different styles of fishing enthusiasts.

Best Channel Catfish Bait

Fishing for channel catfish is fun and very rewarding, but do you know what the best baits are for catching catfish? There are many different kinds and applications. You can even make homemade catfish bait!

How To Make Homemade Catfish Dough Bait That Works – Secret Ingredient!

Learn how to make homemade catfish bait in order to increase the amount of catfish you can catch. Homeade catfish bait is easy to make and very affordable. Stop buying over the counter baits and create something that works better and give you a sense of pride.

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