3 Budget Fishing Gift Ideas

In this video I give you 3 Budget Fishing Gift Ideas. If you have an angler in your household and need ideas for Christmas gifts or Birthday gifts, hopefully this will help you out. #fishinggifts #christmasgifts #birthdaygifts

Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tags

Rapala Lure Wraps

Plano Hydro-Flo Spinnerbait Box

Hot Weather Crappie – Six Tips For Success

Hot weather crappie fishing is a great sport to get into. However, it is also the hardest time of the year to catch crappies. The main reason is because they like colder waters. It is still very possible to catch these awesome pan fish but you do need to have an idea of what you are doing.

Fly Fishing in Derbyshire

Fly Fishing is now regularly practised in various counties throughout the Midlands. Counties such as Derbyshire and there are several travel ‘companies’ which are able to offer holiday packages in which one can participate in fly fishing in Derbyshire rivers, such as the River Wye.

Fishing Charters – Taking Business Outdoors

Instead of traditional work retreats, many businesses see fishing charters as an opportunity to get away from the office and the everyday routine in order to get to know each other and look at both long and short-term goals. Often, these trips are paid for by the company and serve some type of business purpose. However, in spite of conversations about work, there is the added bonus of spending time out on the water and enjoying the fresh air.

Top Seven Ice Fishing Tips for Crappie

Crappies are one of the most popular fish to go ice fishing for. Lots of people are looking for ice fishing tips when it comes to crappie and just want some simple tips to help them along. The best way to really learn is to just go do it. Read some information for an hour then go fishing. Mistakes are good because it’s the only way to really learn. On to the tips:

Best Plastic Worms For Bass – Which Ones Are the Best?

What are the best plastic worms for bass? There are many different variables to this question. The color, size, and scent are probably the most important. So which one is most important? Probably color. Let’s talk more in detail.

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