Redington Tempt 9′ 4 wt Rod, and Surge 3/4 Reel Review

Fishing Reviews TV Takes a look at the Redington Tempt 4wt Rod and Surge Reel.

Spin Fishing For Big Rainbow Trout

Catching rainbow trout isn’t all that difficult, but catching big rainbow trout can be a challenge. This article outlines some tips and trick to help you catch more big rainbow trout.

Fall Crappie In The Tree Tops!

The bait shop was still closed at 6:00 am. The sun had already risen in the east and fishing time was being wasted while we waited on the owner to arrive and open his doors so we could buy crappie minnows. After waiting for 15 minutes we drove to a tackle shop in the next town that sold them by the pound.

Fishing For Rainbow Trout in Winter

Fishing for freshwater trout in winter can be a challenge, but this article outlines some tips and tricks to make it more successful. Add them to your arsenal and start catching more winter rainbow trout today.

How To Catch Big Trout

If you spend any meaningful amount of time fishing for rainbow trout you know that, for the most part, these beautiful fish are often a bit on the small side of the scale with an “average” sized rainbow being between ten and fourteen or so inches. While rainbow trout that are on the upper end of this scale are a lot of fun to catch (as long as you are utilizing ultralight gear) the vast majority of the rainbows that are caught by the average angler leave something to be desired. Many trout fishermen are interested in…

Fly Fishing, Alaskan Style

Alaska, considered as the fly fishing capital of the world has an abundant of locations for anglers worldwide to share. This magical coast is home to numerous lakes, rivers, and streams that are filled with different species of fish. Millions flock to our forty ninth state every year to take in the wonder of its beauty and to enjoy a wilderness experience.

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