How to tie Monofilament To Braided line

Got to attach your leader to your braid

How To Fly Fish Using The Riffle Hitch?

This article is an introduction to the technique of using the Riffle Hitch while fly fishing for salmon, steel head or other species of game fish. It includes some basic tips to get started and what itÃ�´s all about.

Trophy Idaho Lake Trout in Danger From Fish and Game!

The Idaho Fish and Game Department is proposing Aggressive Lake Trout suppression in Priest Lake, Idaho, including commercial netting to kill off the population! The Priest Lake Lake Trout population does not need to be eliminated! The overall fishery is robust and diverse.

Making Your Own Silicone Spinnerbait Skirts

Over the years I have come to appreciate silicone skirt material for making my own spinnerbait and buzzbait skirts. Here are some tips for you if you want to make your own silicone skirts for your spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs.

Kayak Fishing Is Exciting – But Plan Ahead for Your First Trip

Kayak fishing combines two adventures in one and is exciting and fun. And if you plan to kayak fish on a regular basis, advanced planning is crucial it may even save your life. The first step is to make sure you have the correct kayak fishing gear.

The Best PFD Has to Be Comfortable If You Expect Fishermen to Wear It

The latest design in PFD’s (personal flotation device) is the self inflating life-jacket. This is simply a belt that goes around your waist that will self inflate when submerged in water. The best PFD I’ve seen for fishing to come along in years.

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