The Best kayak on a budget!

Hey guys thanks for tuning in. Today I’m showing you the newest member to the Macho Yak Family. The Ascend FS12T.

Ascend FS12T:
First kayak, Old Town Trip 10:

*Disclaimer Im fully aware the storm is not named shaniqua. I Just couldn’t remember the name*

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Try Tenkara To Find New Fishing Contents

In the last couple of decades, fly-fishing seems to have grown more and more complicated. And keeping pace with that also more and more expensive, more and more stressful and such. It threatens to turn fishing into an industry rather than a hobby, marked by the necessity of complex, expensive gear that the modern angler cannot do without. Tenkara style, that originated in Japan, gives us the opportunity to come back to the pleasure of simple fishing.

Fishing With Hook, Line, Bait, and Stones

A rod and reel are not absolute essentials for fishing. Using your hands in place of the rod and reel is a unique, old-fashioned style of fishing. Items required are hook, line, bait, and stones. And oh, yes, since this kind of fishing is usually done on the ocean, a boat or dependable floatation device is required.

How To Catch More Trout On Virtually Every Fishing Trip

If you are interested in catching more trout the next time you hit the river or lake, this article is for you. Great tips and tricks that will help you be more successful.

Bait Basket to Cast Shrimp and Baited Hook

A bait basket allows you to load shrimp bait to attract fish along with the baited hook to catch the target fish. It is a prime tool for bait cast fishing. Modifying the bait basket leads to good performance and gives you the edge.

Learn to Catch Carp – Where to Find Information

Carps is not an easy fish to catch. Learn how to catch the carp, without loosing it.

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