Homemade sea fishing float

79p for a big bag of sea fishing floats … yes please .. great fun to make too..
Endless long nights float fishing for the summer species now

When putting on stop knots and silicone tubing etc make sure you use saliva to ease the knot or stop knot in place to avoid line damage … I failed to mention this in the video as it was just a quick video to show a homemade float not an in depth making a float rig , just a rough idea πŸ’‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰

Trout Fishing With Jigs

If you are a trout fisherman there is one type of trout bait that you could very well be overlooking and that trout bait is called a jig. Yes, I know when you think of fishing with jigs, trout are probably the last species of fish that you think of, but based on what I have experienced this needs to change. Trout fishing with jigs is actually an extremely effective technique that should be employed by anyone who fancies themselves a serious trout fisherman.

Fly Fishing a Midge Hatch on the Provo River

Understanding which hatches happen on the Provo River will make your fly fishing experience that much better. This article explains the midge hatch and what to do when fly fishing the Provo River in Utah. The Provo River offers excellent fly fishing.

Fly Fishing In Colorado Can Be Enjoyed With Little or No Experience

Fishing is one of those activities that you can enjoy lazily. In contrast to the normal fishing, fly fishing requires extra talent. The lure or ‘fly’ that is used is weightless.

Top Five Okuma Spinning Reels

Fishing is a favorite hobby especially for people living near lakes. There are several things that one needs when fishing. First of all, you need bait.

Top Five Penn Spinning Reels

Penn Reels have been known for their quality fishing reels for nearly eighty years. According to consumers and critics, “Penn has the best fishing reels on the market.” Whatever nature has to throw at them, a Penn Reel can handle it.

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