Got together with “E” aka Eric “The Intern” and @Uncle Larry Outdoorsto fish some NJ Streams that I haven’t fished in 20 YEARS!! I kept it old school with the cheat rig lol #GhettoFishing A good old-fashioned Jersey nightcrawler on a split shot rig!!! Trout simply can’t resist a good worm!!

Being able to do this with my good friends from Uncle Larry Outdoors was an incredible experience! AND The Fishing was AWESOME! Rainbow trout after Rainbow trout and a few missed bites from Monster Brown Trout made me realize how lucky we are to experience a secret and hidden fishery that’s right out in the open!!!

Some of the best holes can be waters that are ignored! You never know what you might find!! If you liked today’s video and this collabo with @Uncle Larry Outdoorsthen SMASH that Subscribe button below.
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Aftco Hydronaut Waterproof Jacket

Aftco Hydronaut Waterproof Bib

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Understanding Spearguns and How They Work

Spearfishing is considered these days an extreme sport because they entail using spear guns to catch those elusive game fish. It is also considered the most environment-friendly way of catching fish since you don’t have to use lures and leave no lines in the water. However, a spear gun is something to be used safely and responsibly so read on to learn how you can use one.

How to Experience a Fun-Filled Fishing Charter

Whatever the season is, having a fishing vacation is best experienced with family and friends. This can be excellently done with the right fishing charter that you can rent for a memorable fishing experience. Also, this is the most ideal way to go for if you do not have your own boat or do not want to buy one anytime soon.

Fishing Spoons Snag Them All

Fishing spoons are some of the most versatile and fun lures to use. They are great for catching anything from trout, to salmon, to snook and much more. Spoon lures come in multiple weights, sizes and colors, there are even weedless varieties. A good quality spoon lure will last forever, and considering how versatile and effective they can be, it is not uncommon to hear of them being passed down through generations.

The Most Relaxing Hobbies to Take Up

There are many reasons to take up new hobbies, but one of the most rewarding aspects of a new activity is simply getting to relax and unwind. A good hobby can be a brilliant way to recover after a tough day at work and should be perfect for taking your mind off of your woes. Of course not every hobby is ‘relaxing’ in the typical sense and if you’re someone who loves martial arts then you’ll probably find you spend a lot of the time less relaxed than you started out.

What Is a Fishing Charter?

Fishing charters are services offered by some boat owner which allows people to go to a body of water and spend their whole day trying to catch some fish. This kind of service is very popular among avid anglers. They usually spend their weekends reserving a chartered boat or depending on their mood.

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