Fishing Lure Product Reviews “Jigs”

A product review on both tairaba and pirate jigs

The Fundamentals of Trout Fishing: Paying Attention to the Little Things

As a person who has been fishing for freshwater trout, mainly “rainbows” and “browns,” for more than twenty years, I have learned that one thing contributes to trout fishing success more than any other, and that thing is practicing the fundamentals. There is simply no substitute for practice when it comes to fishing and this fact is especially true when it comes to the act of “trout fishing.”

Kayak Fishing While Enjoying the Majesty of Nature

Kayak fishing is perhaps the fastest growing segment of outdoor sports and is enjoyed worldwide. It represents the angler with an opportunity to utilize almost every method of fishing.

Great Fishing in Auckland and Muriwai Beach

Every fisherman talks about ‘landing that great catch’, but reeling in a big one is only part of the fishing experience. The rest of it is spending time with mates, relaxing on the water and enjoying new places. A perfect fishing experience is decided by exploring somewhere new and sharing a good time with great people.

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Catching Enough Catfish

Catfishing is considered fairly easy even for people who are just starting out. It only requires the use of the right gear and techniques. Many so-called experts try to make it harder than it really is, but believe me when I say that you will be surprised when you start practicing it.

10 Homemade Carp Bait Recipe Tips For Beating Readymade Baits Like Mainline Cell!

As so many of you want to make your own secret homemade baits here are some tips for making and exploiting more highly potent baits which will out-fish readymade baits such as Mainline Cell! Some of these will certainly your eyes and help you think out of the box in improving all your baits and catches!

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