Lure/bait review; trout lures I picked up!

Gearing Up For Cats

I’ve seen it often and it’s not funny (although the guys on the river will hoot every time it happens) when the visitor with his walleye rod spooled up with 10 lb takes on one of our larger channels on the lower Red. Visions of “The Old Man and the Sea”, a monumental struggle with a feeling of potential victory (and subsequent frustrations/futility) often runs through my head. But I know better… The result more than often is a high pitched loud “snap” (when graphite goes its usually a good “pop”) followed by the obligatory explicatives!#@** and @#!!.

A Quick Insight Into Crappie Fishing

One of the most popular and productive types of fishing is fishing for crappie. This article will give you a thorough insight into crappie fishing and will provide you with tips that will help you catch crappies with ease.

Which Fly Fishing Knots to Use

When you are fly fishing, tying the right knots can make you or break you in catching fish. It’s important to know which knot to use in every situation. So knowing the right one plays a big part in your success in fly fishing.

Choosing A Good Rod in Fly Fishing

Your fly fishing rod is your best friend in the world of fishing. It determines if you catch that monster fish or not.

How to Have a Successfull Inshore Fishing Charter Trip

Choosing a professional inshore fishing guide and questions you should be ready to ask. Tips on what to look for while interviewing your guide. Learn to check tide movements and weather conditions for the dates you are going to fish. Determine if its a good time to fish or not.

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