Trolling lures for Mahi/Dorado/Yellowfin/Kingfish! Lure reviews

This video is a simple review of a couple of lures that are for trolling as well as two saltwater poppers. In the video I stated that all the items featured are from Bass pro but the two mahi jets are actually from Amazon, Sorry for that mistake lol. Ill be leaving the links to those products under the description. Thank you guys for the continuous support! – Chris






How to Rig a Trout Line: 3 Rules That Must Be Adhered to When Rigging a Trout Line

For anyone interested in how to rig a trout line, this article is for you. I have been fishing for trout for more than twenty years and have literally rigged thousands of trout lines in that time. In the process of doing this I have learned that there are things that you should do and things that you shouldn’t do when you rig a trout line for trout fishing.

Catfishing Information: The Truth About Catching Big Catfish

You want to catch really big catfish when you go fishing! However, you haven’t got that special technique down yet…don’t panic. What I am about to share with you took me years to learn. Catching big catfish is easy when you understand the tools and techniques I use. Catfish earned their name because of their easily identified whiskers – properly called barbels – which resemble those of cats. Many people believe that catfish use these whiskers to sting any predator, but that is a false assumption. The whiskers are actually covered with taste buds and are used to locate food, along with the catfish’s intense sense of smell.

Hungry Catfish Baits

Catfish anglers have strong opinions about which baits bring the best results. Truth of the matter is that bait choices vary for a number of reasons which include angler preference, the specific state you’re fishing in, time of year, time of day, type of waters, and which species of catfish you are angling for. These factors are all part of the equation.

Tube and Worm Theory

Most striped bass fishermen are aware that the tube and worm is a deadly method for taking large stripers. But what do bass think they are about to eat when they attack a tube?

How to Prepare for a Catfishing Tournament

As you know, catfishing is not only a hobby. It’s actually a professional sport which many expert anglers practice.

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