Crimping Fishing Leaders – Part 2

Crimping fishing leaders is easy – give it a try…..

How Much Should You Tip a Fishing Charter?

Giving tips is a simple form of showing gratitude to those who are offered a certain service. This can be applied when you go out in a restaurant, but clothes, get your hair done and even when you hire a chartered boat for your fishing activity. The only problem is how much should you tip?

Things You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Fishing Charter

It can be quite difficult to find a fishing charter that caters to all your needs. Sometimes you will find one but they are already booked for the schedule you want. There are a lot of other chartered boats that you can hire but you need to ask a few things first before deciding to hire their service.

How to Market Your Fishing Charter Business

Having a fishing charter business can be quite profitable only if you have the right number of loyal clients. Clients usually hire your service again if they had a wonderful time the first time they have hired your service.

How to Be Successful in a Fishing Charter Business

You probably have your own fishing charter business and have been doing well with it. The only problem with this business is that there are seasons or there will come a time where you might not have any clients to serve. So how do you become successful in this kind of business? Simple, just follow these easy tips and you’re on your way to being successful in this kind of business.

Kevin VanDam Sees the Right Sunglasses As an Invaluable Tool

Bass fisherman Kevin VanDam is a superstar of the sport. He has won numerous competitions and he understands the importance of having the right tools for his sport. One of these tools is sunglasses and sunglasses manufacturer Oakley is a sponsor of Kevin. The right eyewear not only protect eyes from the sun but it also allows you to see the water with greater clarity so fishing improves. If your sunglasses lenses are scratched or damaged did you know that you can replace them? This saves you money to spend on those fishing lures to catch that big one.

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