LRF fishing with isome worms

Well the nights are now drawing in and I finished work at 17.30pm and got to the venue for 18.15 and that only gave me one hour ish of light .. 4 fish and some cracking bites 🎣🐟

Catfish Bait Right Out Your Grocery Store

When talking about cat fishing one of the most debated topics is the what bait works best. There are some who swear by night crawlers or red worms and then others who believe that fresh chunks of things like skip jack and shad are best. Many hardcore catfish anglers will stick to their guns and say if you don’t have these proper baits then your wasting your time. But you don’t necessarily need a shovel of a cast net to stock up on bait that will make your cat fishing trip a success.

Spring Crappie Fishing – Eight Tips For Success

Spring crappie fishing is one of the best times of the year to go fishing. These fish are easier to catch and travel in a school which makes them fun to fish for. There are eight tips that I use when I fish for crappie that will greatly increase your chances of success.

Distinct Phases of Fly Fishing

Nymph fishing enacted properly is the most difficult of the three and requires the most knowledge and know how. Wet fly fishing is the best known and at one time was practically the only manner in which flies were fished.

Starting Out In Fly Fishing

In forty years of pursuing game, sea and freshwater fish, I’ve suffered and exhilarated through a number of stages. First, as is everyone at the beginning, I was a pure innocent, knowing nothing of the art of fishing. As time went by I collected a modicum of skill in enticing run of the mill fish to my lure. Then I accomplished the next stage of fishing for certain individual working fish and many times taking them. This made me an expert.

Fishing for Perch Tips

Fishing for perch has always been fun. Do you remember how it felt to catch that first fish? Do you remember how much fun perch fishing was as a child? Just kick back with your worms, and pole, sometime it was even a cane pole which is great still for perch fishing. It was just plain simple fun, no pressure, no drama and you could always count on a good catch. This is the way most anglers started, and it is still a great way to start the kids fishing. They are memories that will last a lifetime.

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