Sidewinder Skerrie Eels


a quick video to show anyone who hasn’t seen or used one yet .
these are a soft plastic paddle tail lure that is meant to imitate a sandeel.
And they do that just perfectly..
they are a proven fish catcher and are always in my box along with other lures ..

Summertime: Time for Small Shrimp and Big Time Fishin’

Well, it’s here again, June came outa nowhere and jumped right up in our laps! Don’t ya just hate when that sorta thing happens, but as the sayin’ goes, when ya get lemons, ya might as well make Iced Tea, or somethin’ like that.

Healthy Outdoor Sport

There was a time when I did not know how to relax and just let go of my tensions. My mind was wired and tightly knotted with anxiety and stress. I had to find a way to get this negative, twisted ball of energy out of me, or face the threat of passing on from this life as my avenue of escape. One fine day my wife suggested that we try fishing. Spending time together seemed like a good idea, so I decided to give it a try.

Best Walleye Fishing Lures

Pursued for both sport and food and occupying the top spot on the food chain, walleye are aggressive feeders and have a delicate table fare. Because of their popularity in some areas, walleye are heavily stocked in many waters and walleye fishing tournaments are very popular in areas where the fish are found in abundance.

Fishing Charters Make Great Adventures

If you are tired of taking the usual trip down to the docks just to catch a few fish, you may want to consider fishing in a style that will add some adventure and excitement. Fishing charters are becoming very popular. They allow anyone to have an adventure in a group type setting that provides way more social interaction and fun than if you were fishing by yourself.

In Need of a New Fishing Spot, Try Going Using Fishing Charters

If you have a need to fish and are looking to do so in a more exciting manner, you should look into fishing charters. They not only offer you an adventure, but you can catch some really great prices along the way. Any fisherman can tell you how hard it can be to come by a good fishing location.

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