Hello From Zale

This is quick video of my son Zale introducing himself for our Offshore Fishing Blog.

Chris and Zale Offshore Fishing Blog

Why Make Your Own Carp Bait?

It’s so easy isn’t it? You pop down your local tackle emporium, pick up a few kilos of whatever carp bait you fancy and head off to your venue of choice carrying your bag with confidence. It’s something I’ve done for many years but rolling my own carp bait is something I’ve always wanted to try and now that I am, I’m very happy I did!

The Importance of a Tackle Box

One of the most important items you will need as a great fisherman is a tackle box. Tackle boxes come in many types and sizes. If you do different types of fishing, such as salt versus fresh water fishing, maybe river trout fishing or ice fishing, you might want to have a different tackle box for each.

Florida Fishing Fare

Looking for an exciting fishing-based vacation? Look no further than Florida, the Sunshine State. With exciting sites for both inland and gulf fishing, Florida is a fisherman’s paradise. Read further for tips on what to look forward to on your Florida fishing vacation.

Deep Sea Fishing Spots In Auckland To Check Out During Your Stay

Auckland Harbour might be known for its boats and its view, but there is a lot more lurking beneath the waters than you might realise. The Hauraki Gulf is an ideal fishing location and, in fact, Auckland boasts a number of top deep sea fishing spots that any keen angler should check out during their stay. If you’re visiting New Zealand or you’re looking for a new fishing adventure in the country, why not book yourself a chartered boat with a great guide to check out a few of these deep sea fishing spots around Auckland?

Guide to Successful Fishing at Lake Burton, Georgia

Find out when the best time is to fish Lake Burton, GA. Learn what it takes to catch fish there and get tips on what bait and lures to use.

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