Savage Salt – Savage Gear – 3D Line -Thru Seeker

Well i loved the old Savage seeker lures so much that when i seen they had a line through sandeel version i just had to get one.
This lure will slide freely so that any hooked fish will not use the weight of the lure to get itself free..BONUS..
Anyway i will try and get out an use this before the end of season and all next year i will be using it heavily..
there is five different colors available and three different sizes

Fishing Help and Advice – Fly and Carp Fishing Tips

Carp are a great fish to catch as they put up a great fight before the allow you to land them. With the correct Rod this is made easier but remember you will need a difference rod for ledgering as opposed to float fishing.

Why Use Bait Buckets?

When it comes to fishing, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is whether or not you will use live or artificial bait. For anyone on the outside looking in this might seem like such a small thing to worry about. But, for the average fisherman, the answer to this question is basically sums up your whole fishing existence. However, the answer to this question will determine what type of fisherman you are and the methods that you use. If you are a new or recreational fisherman, your choice will probably be based upon your personal tastes or possibly a few trends.

Gone Fishin’!

A day on the water to many means a day Gone Fishin’! Pleasure boating is for those without much to do, but going spear fishing requires some thought, especially if the tool of choice for the captain and crew are spear guns. This ancient sport hasn’t changed much in its intent, but the tools have become a little more advanced. For example, JBL spear guns are an environmentally friendly way to catch fish.

Ultra Light Tackle Fishing

What is ultra light tackle fishing and why is it something that every serious angler should become familiar with? This style of fishing simply means that you use downsized gear, such as your rod, reel, fishing line, and or baits and lures when you are attempting to catch fish. The great thing about using downsized (or ultra light) gear is that when a fish is hooked, fighting and landing that fish is much more of a challenge, and thus more fun.

Fishing Charters: Obtaining a License

Even passengers on fishing charters need to learn more about obtaining a license to fish. Residents and visitors must abide by the local laws in order to spend time out on the water.

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