Gemini solo bait clip

Well it’s been a long time coming , but today I received these ..
The new Gemini solo release system .. which will now take the bigger baits I cast out there….. awesome stuff and subscribe , thanks guys . Tight lines

Traditional North Country Spiders

North Country Spiders stem back to the 1400’s and stem from the northern counties of England, United Kingdom. Even today by modern standards they are a highly regarded effective method of catching Brook, Brown and Rainbow trout. There are two flies that have stood the test of time and are still highly regarded today by the modern fly angler…

Fly Fishing – A Useful and Relaxing Hobby

Fly fishing is a favorite hobby for thousands of people all around the world. Fishing generally relaxes a person and instills patience in them. Fishing experts like Lefty Kreh and Al Kyte teach the trick of the trade to beginners through their book and personal classes. Ample instructions regarding fly fishing can be found on the internet. There are several forums discussing about their latest fly fishing travel and conducting regular fishing trips with their members. Usually youngsters, who have seen their father or close relatives like uncles go fishing, get eager to do the same when they grow up.

Color Choices for Trout Spinners

When fishing for trout with spinners, there are a lot of options for lure colors. From dull black and brown to the bright unnatural colors in Mepps’ “Hot Trout Kit”. There is a time and place for every lure color and there are some simple rules for what colors to use when.

Trout Fishing In Arizona

When most people think of trout fishing the last state that comes to mind is Arizona, mainly because of the fact that Arizona is known as having an incredibly hot climate and as every experienced trout fisherman knows, trout and hot temperatures don’t go together very well. In fact hot temperatures are very detrimental and often fatal to almost all species of freshwater trout. But the truth is that the state of Arizona offers some excellent trout fishing.

Why You Should Use Spinners and Not Flies to Catch Trout With Your Spinning Rod

Once somebody decides that fly fishing is not for them – for whatever reason – often their next consideration is to fish with flies with their spinning rod. This is certainly a viable option – but is it your best option? A quick search around the web will reveal several different rig configurations, most using a clear plastic float and/or a split shot sinker.

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