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Winter Time Catfish

Have you ever wanted to catch bigger catfish? Try fishing in the Winter. This time of year is full of large catfish and very little competition. Let’s get a coat and learn about fishing the cold water time of year.

Freshwater Winter Fishing in Mississippi

Just because the thermometer is dropping and people are wearing sweaters, doesn’t mean the fish have gone on holiday. The Magnolia State offers 82 counties of great winter fishing for bass, bream, crappie, and other cold-water lurkers just waiting for a bite.

How To Catch More Trout – Simplicity Is The Key To Success

If you want to catch more trout, learn why simplicity is the key to success. Trout fishing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews: Outfitting Your Fishing Kayak

How to best outfit your fishing kayak will depend upon they type of fishing you are doing and the conditions you will encounter. Small streams and lakes require different considerations than offshore big game fishing for instance. Whatever type of fishing you intend to do, kayak fishing has some unique considerations as the space is limited. It will be important to prioritize the most important items that you need to access most frequently, and have them within easy reach. Some anglers like to keep it simple and carry the minimal amount of gear: some like to carry anything that they might possibly need. There are some basic accessories that can increase the fish-ability of a kayak, or make it more angler-friendly.

The Carolina Rig for Catfish

The Carolina Rig is one of the best rigs for catfishing. If you are new to catfishing, this article will explain to you why most fishermen use this rig and how to set it up.

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