Redington – Topo Outfit Review

Starting to Fly Fish – The Gear You Need to Start Fly Fishing

Getting started with fly fishing requires a basic understanding of materials used for the sport. While it may seem overwhelming at first, a basic understanding of these starting materials, coupled with practice and study, will allow for limitless combinations of skill and know-how throughout your journey becoming a fly fisherman.

The Top 3 Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips For Spin Fishermen

It has been said that fishing tips are like belly buttons, everybody has one, and while this fact might very well be true, rarely are the tips worth the paper that said tip is printed on. Why is this the case? Mostly because fishing tips are often recycled, rather than being based on real world fishing experience, which is where all quality fishing idea’s and thoughts come from.

Taste From the Water

Dubai is a city which is the most liberal state in the whole UAE, but that doesn’t mean that there are no rules. There are rules which are to some extent to maintain the discipline. This is the reason that they are leading in tourism industry as there is no fear.

The Best Trout Lures Ever Created

I have been fishing for freshwater trout while using ultralight spin fishing gear for more than a quarter of a century and on many bodies of water and at certain times of the day or year, fishing lures are something that has to be used. This might be because of local regulations or because live or synthetic trout bait simply isn’t working, but the bottom line is that many times trout lures are the best way best course of action. Below I will outline a few of the best trout lures ever so that you can make sure that you…

How To Make Boilies For Carp Fishing – A Beginners Guide to Ingredients and Quantities

Making your own boilies is both fun and rewarding. It also saves you money. This short article will look at the basic theory and concepts behind making your own boilies and is intended to give you some idea of the things you need to consider when planning a boilie mix.

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