Savage gear sandeel

I would probably leave the Swivel off the trace and fish it straight through, but I put it on so it wouldn’t all slide off, I hope this helps Alex

Ontario Fly-In Fishing – Plenty of Fishing in Wabakimi Provincial Park

The Canadian province of Ontario provides fishermen with plenty of open space and rich bodies of water stocked with great fish. It could possibly be a paradise for fishing. If you’re considering a new location to get your fishing fix in, a Ontario fly-in fishing trip to Wabakimi Provincial Park could be just what you need.

Fly Fishing for Trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout on Iron Canyon Reservoir

How to catch numerous, native, large Trout in Iron Canyon Reservoir, Shasta County, California. Where to find them and what times of year to find them.

Fishing for Hot Summer Redfish!

It gets hot in redfish country during the summer. Learn when to go and what techniques to use to catch redfish during the summer months.

How to Free a Snagged Lure

Frequently, when fishing in a stream your spinner will get hung up somewhere in the creek, on the bank or in a tree. These snags happen several different ways – you might make an errant cast and your lure winds up in a tree on the opposite side of the creek, or you might catch a tree or bush in your back cast. And sometimes you just plain get unlucky and your hook will embed in a rock, tree or old tire underwater. Regardless of how careful you might be and how accurate you may cast, snags are unavoidable.

Let Ice Fishing Shelters Chase Away the Winter Blues

Now the simple, relaxing sport of ice fishing just got more comfortable and more enjoyable. Modern technology has given the ice fisherman a more flexible, a more mobile, a more convenient, and a more affordable way to enjoy this great sport. No more losing that favorite ice shanty as it sinks down through the melting ice. Portable ice fishing shelters have made it possible for everyone to enjoy the camaraderie and rewards of ice fishing.

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