Pirate Lures The Seducers

Taking a sneek peek at the new for 2019
soft lures from pirate lures , the seducers..

WOW oh WOW a lovely lure , roll on spring

Places to Go Bowfishing

Bowfishing is another way to catch a fish. Instead of the traditional fishing rod and reel complete with worms as bait, bowfishers are equipped with bowfishing bows.

Check Out The Top Fishing Spots In Auckland

If you’re a keen fisherman in New Zealand and you’ve been looking for a new place to cast your line, you need to head to Auckland. With a wider range and more diversity in opportunities around the Auckland region than most of the country put together, you’ll never want to leave! Spend the weekend with the boys or book a family vacation to go fishing in New Zealand’s largest city – you won’t regret it.

Casting For Your Catch

Since the “Dawn of Man”, people have been using Casting nets to gather their “catch” from their local waters and provide their families with nutritious fish. Literally, cavemen and women have left behind…

An American Tale of Fishing Industry Success

All American stories don’t necessarily start out that way and this one is no exception. Ninety years ago, a young man from Germany came to this country to fufill his dream and to work hard and prosper. He accomplished this feat and more, but,…..

Dolpins/Mahi Mahi

Both Sport and Commercial fisherman seek Dolphin fish, due to their beauty, size, food quality, and healthy population. Also known around the globe as Mahi-mahi, they are popular in many restaurants, worldwide. Commercial fisherman are after them for their appeal to restaurant eaters that ferociously…..

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