Summer pond fishing in a pond no one has fished in 20 years.
I got a chance to use so many different Lures. I couldnt edit it all into one Video. I even catch one on one of my handmade custom Captain Knots Lure. Links Below

If you would like one of my handmade Lures I will have a web page up and running soon. for now just email me at address below.

Other Lures Used Booyah Pad Crasher Biospawn Plasma Tail 6.5 Dirty Jigs Luke Claussen Finesse jig

Every Great Fishing Trip Needs A Great Tackle Box!

Heading out on A Fishing Trip? Whether it be for a few hours or a few days, it is something that every fisherman looks forward to! Having the right tackle box to use can make the difference between a stress free relaxing time and a frustrating experience! Maybe it’s a certain species of fish you are fishing for, or maybe you are not sure, maybe you will decide when you get there! Whatever the situation or season, having what you need on hand is key, so the right tackle box to add to your fishing equipment can make all the difference!

Smallmouth or Largemouth – Landing All Bass Will Be Easy

All Bass haunters must have been ready by this time. As the most sought after game fish, Bass is very much popular to the anglers in North America.

Landing a Trophy-Sized Bull Redfish on the Fly

Fly fishing is one of the most challenging ways to target large fish. In this article, I outline the basics of preparing for, hooking up with, fighting & landing a trophy-sized bull redfish on the fly.

Grab Some Fishing Gear and Go Fishing!

If you ever find yourself looking for a new hobby, give fishing a try! Fishing is not only fun, it is relaxing, and a sport you can do alone, or with family and friends! All you need to do is get some fishing gear together, decide where to go, and get out there and catch some fish!

3 Things You Need to Know About Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing is just as the name suggests, it’s a small narrow boat you use as a means of transportation to where you can easily approach fish types such as Cobia and Flounder. Kayak was originally invented by the indigenous people of Inuit and Anuit for transportation to hunt on inland lakes. The word Kayak originates from the seventeenth and eighteenth century from Greenland by Whalers and brought to Europe to name any boat who used the same model as the Inuit.

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