Catching Bass and mackerel from the shore

one lovely sunny day and one horrible wet day, but it didnt stop me getting in to some nice fish ..

caught 7 bass on the top water lures
and lost 4

and then one bass and a few mackerel on the nice day …
give me horrible days anyday 🤣🤣🎣

music by NCS no copyright sounds

Inflatable Life Jackets: It Won’t Save Your Life If You Are Not Wearing It

Do you own a life jacket? Do you even know anything about them? Surprisingly enough, a lot of people do not feel like they need them. But unfortunately, many people lose their lives because of silly mistakes such as this. Many times it only takes just one time for you to fall into the water and not be able to swim. Sure, there are experienced swimmers who feel that even they are above the ability to lose control and drown. However, you never know when a wave or current might become stronger than usual and cause you to go under. A life jacket would give you a better chance of survival. However, it cannot help you if you do not have it on. But before you put one on, you have to have the mindset that it is a fashion accessory or something that you do just because. A life jacket or floatation device could very well save your life someday.

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