Abu Garcia Toby lure 28 gram

We all know and love the Abu Toby lures but for those that haven’t seen a lure that still sells like hot cakes after umpteen years , then here you go ..

I call it the anyfish catcher 😂🤣🎣🎣

Southern Spring Striper Fishing Tactics

Here in the deep South springtime striped bass fishing on freshwater can be fast and furious, especially during the shad spawns. The shad tend to gather on red clay banks to spawn and the striped bass move in to feed. This is my favorite time of year for the big line sides.

The Black Marlin And Sport Fishing

The Black marlin is a premiere game fish for sport fishermen. Recently the black marlin, which was previously known as Makaira indica, was re-classified as Istiompax indica.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Kayak?

Many people wonder how fishing and kayaking could possibly be related to each other. However, the fact of the matter is that with a fishing kayak an individual can indulge in both activities at the same time in the form of kayak fishing. While there is a huge variety of suitable boats out there that people can go fishing in, but nothing can compare to the experience of fishing in a kayak.

A Guide To Fly Tying Tools, The Basic Requirements

We are fortunate that there are relatively few tools required for fly tying so if you are wondering whether or not to start tying your own flies, you can generally get all of the tools required at a reasonable price. However, it is better to get the finest available, the old saying of quality items last longer certainly apply here. To help you along your way, I have simply made a run through guide of the tying tools needed and their uses.

Choosing Fly Fishing Rods

A critical piece of fly fishing equipment is the fly rod. The wrong type of fly rod is a wonderful way to, potentially, ruin an otherwise fine day of fly fishing. The right fly fishing rod will make the difference between a precise cast and casts that are just wide of their mark or being able to reach that rising trout or being just short.

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