Dolphin Fishing with Brian and Jace – July 3, 2011

Quick video showing highlights of our fishing trip and some How-To on catching dolphin at a weedline (sargassum).
40 miles off the Texas Coast 7/3/11.

Fly Fishing Colorado’s Wilderness Areas: Wilderness Access

With only a few exceptions, wilderness areas are open to the public, offering priceless opportunities to visitors. Access to most wilderness areas in Colorado is as easy as finding a trailhead and the fishing can be spectacular.

What to Know About Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Many people explore Central America to go sports fishing in Costa Rica. Here are some things to keep in mind if you do decide to go this route.

Fly Fishing Colorado’s Wilderness Areas: Knowing Where to Start

For someone who has never ventured into the Colorado backcountry in search of trout, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here’s an intro to the types of water found in Colorado’s wilderness areas and how to begin fishing them.

Fishing Basics For The Beginner Angler

Fishing is a mature person’s sport, it’s believed, because it leaves no room for impatience. It can take hours to land a catch and anyone with a short fuse is not cut out for the sport. If you feel you’ve mellowed over the years and can sit still for long periods without getting twitchy, it’s time to give fishing a try.

Have These Essential Fishing Gear In Your Tackle Box

No fishing expedition is complete without the all-important tackle box. This is your security safe which houses everything you need to successfully fish. Experienced anglers don’t need to be told what to carry but beginners sure do. So if you’re planning your first ever fishing trip, the tackle box should be the main thing to organize.

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