Rovex ceratec bass rod

In this video is a superb value for money sea bass lure / spin rod … sub £60 for a travel rod you would think the quality and action would be poor and not worth a bean … not this rod .. I can not wait to put it through its paces even more .. guernsey and France will be feeling the ceratec force

How To Enjoy A Day’s Fishing

If you are a boat or bank fishermen then a fish stringer is something you should definitely have in your fishing box. This handy tool will enable fishermen to keep their catch alive if they do not have a live well. There are two types of fish stringer available: rope or chain and both are reasonably priced.

What to Throw in April

As the waters warm and spring sets in Bass can be hard to find and catch as they are going through there spawning process. During this time most Bass are in either pre-spawn, spawn or post-spawn so they are in shallow water. I use the baits below during this time of year and they have done wonders for the quality of fish I started catching.

Designing a Fishing T-Shirt

If you are a big fishing enthusiast who pretty much drives an hour out of the city every weekend just to enjoy the serenity that comes with fishing, you might want to wear something more apt for it. Begin with your shirt. Believe it or not, many aficionados like you make their own fishing shirts. Some have even grew it into a business, selling all kinds of custom- designed fishing t shirts to a variety of sporting goods stores and fishing organizations.

How To Catch More Rainbow Trout

If you want to catch more rainbow trout, this article is for you. Great tips and tricks to help you catch more rainbow trout this season.

Opening Day 2012

It’s that time of year again when angler’s across the United State s dust off the fisherman’s checklist to get prepared for opening day. A typical checklist might include the obvious fishing rods and reels, waders and hip boots, a net, a stringer and a freshly packed tackle box containing lures, lines, hooks and bait. For the serious angler, this checklist was dusted off a while back and preparations have been being made for weeks. This article discusses some interesting trout fishing preparations to be made for opening day, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler.

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