The Albright knot

This is one of my favourite leader knots to use.. its small , strong and I’ve fished some rough fishing marks and let me tell you it is STRONG.. my no.1 leader knot , just so easy and quick to do.
No messing around .. 45 seconds and it’s done, flys through the rings no problem..

Fly Fishing Idaho, Lesser Known River Bitch Creek

This article talks of Fly fishing Idaho’s lesser known rivers and creeks. It specifically goes in depth about fly fishing Bitch Creek. If you are looking for a fly fishing trip in Idaho then this article will equip you with the knowledge of fly fishing Idaho’s Rivers and Creeks.

Table Rock Lake Bass Fishing – Cold Winter Days With HOT Fishing

Table Rock Lake bass fishing in winter time can be some of the hottest fishing of the year. The bass are stacked up in small areas of Table Rock Lake making them easy to target once you know how to find them. Don’t let the cold temperatures keep you off of Table Rock from December to February and you will be rewarded with some of the best fishing of the year.

Plan Your Fishing Holiday in Australia

Soon it is going to be Christmas, but there is still time to plan a fishing holiday. Here is an article that will help you zero down on some of the best locations to go fishing.

Freshwater Fishing – To Catch Them, Understand Them

Do you know how fish are able to see, hear, touch, and have a taste and smell? There is a need to understand your target to catch them.

Fly Fishing And Casting Tips For Beginners

When you watch videos of fly fishing and casting they make it look so smooth and graceful, almost like a dance. And watching those experts at work has 2 effects: you want to get out there and do it yourself, but you’re afraid to try because you just know you’d never be able to pull it off.

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