Fishing at golf course ponds! *Unexpected catch!* | SpazFishing

Hello everybody today I went fishing at a golf course pond by my grandparents house. It was super fun and we caught some awesome fish! watch the video to find out the rest and stay tuned for another one coming out soon! Stay tuned and SpazFishing signing off for now!

Fishing In Fiji? How To Make The Most Of Your Experience On The Water

Are you planning to enjoy some quality game fishing in Fiji? First-time saltwater anglers can use this beginner’s guide to prepare for the adventure and make the most of their trip.

The Best Bait For Trout Fishing I Use In Fresh Water

Understanding what is the best bait for your trout fishing to that will help increase your chances of catching a fish. You can use artificial bait or live bait depending on what your fishing environment is like. I want to help explain how to find the proper bait that will ensure your fishing success.

Fly Fishing Mentors

We all need guidance: a little help every now and then, a push in the right direction, and most importantly encouragement. With as much as there is to know in fly fishing, I think it’s important to have someone to help guide you in the process of becoming a fully self-actualized fly fishermen. With fly fishing sometimes you do everything “right” and you get skunked, sometimes you do everything “wrong” (and by that I mean bad form, presentation, delivery, etc.

Tips to Planning the Perfect Fishing Trip

Men and women around the world enjoy taking to the water in search of the perfect catch. There is something so exhilarating about going out for a day on a boat and coming back with a huge cod or bream that you caught yourself. Many people take trips throughout the year, hiring a boat and heading into the ocean to see what they come home with. Not all of them are successful in their quest, but it’s the fun and excitement associated with fishing, along with the company and enjoyment associated with this sport.

What Are Fishfinders Really Capable Of?

Fishing equipment is central in the lives of anglers who always look forward to the time that they can get off from work and start fishing. These days, it is important for old school fishermen to realize that there is a modern device out there called the fishfinder which could help them figure out where the fish are. Fishfinders also known as sounders and they are designed to locate fish by sending out an energy pulse and presenting the underwater features using the reflected sound energy pulses.

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