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Fly-Fishing – Basics, Knots and Techniques

Fly-Fishing is the term used to describe the angling or fishing method that uses an artificial ‘fly’ as lure to entice the fish. The fly is cast into the water by a fly reel, fly rod and a weighted line that has to conform to specializations. These artificial flies resemble food organisms, other natural invertebrates; sometimes hair, feathers and even animal fair natural and artificial are used.

Understanding the Basics of Animated Fishing Knots

The key to mastering any task is to understand the basics. Same is the case with tying knots, as in fishing knots, before you end up tying yourself up in knots! Learning a technique is simple because ‘practice makes perfect’ and a technique can be self-taught by a number of methods.

The Long and Short of Fishing Lines – To Trim or Not?

Fishing involves many techniques; the factors influencing these techniques can vary from fishing location, time of year, water temperature and size and species of fish. Hence the choice of a fishing line has to be done very carefully. Fishing lines come in various specifications to suit different requirements; some fishing lines can be customized by color for client requirements; some are heavy while some others are light.

Fishing Knots – Types and Speciality

By any means the fishing knots cannot all be put into one list because literally there are hundreds of variations to every category or type. One reason for this is, because every angler or fisherman uses the basic technique of a fishing knot to improvise and amend as required for the situation and the type of fish that is being fished. The secret to catching fish, besides location and skill of the angler, is the fishing knot.

Fishing Reel or No Reel?

It’s a debate that many fisherman face on a daily basis. Just how important is a reel to a fishing expedition? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using a reel during a fishing trip and how effective they can really be.

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