Assist Hook Techniques

Making assist hooks for vertical jigs

The Basic Reels for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing reels basically do two things. Firstly they store the fly line, secondly they provide drag against a fish as it fights once you land it. The majority are made from aluminum, but you need to be sure to check the quality of the reel – some cast moulded aluminium reels are made cheaply, and can break more easily than solid block models. Beyond that, two different types of reels exist for the fly fisherman: the Spring and Pawl, and the Disc Drag reel.

3 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Fishing For Rainbow Trout

As a person who has fished for trout (mostly rainbow trout) for the better part of a quarter of a century I have found that many times simple mistakes are the reason why people aren’t as successful as they should be when they are on the water attempting to catch thee beautiful fish. Often just one simple mistake is the reason between a trout biting your offering and not biting your offering. Below I will outline 3 common mistakes that you’re probably making when trout fishing.

Early Season Trout Tactics

If you want to catch more trout early in the season, this article is for you. Great tactics to help you catch more trout.

Spearfishing Essentials Every Spearo Must Have

Spearfishing has for all intents and purposes, become more than just a means of livelihood or weekend hobby. It has actually become one of the most competitive extreme sports and as such, it is no surprise that both beginners and experiences spearos always want to have the best and most necessary equipment to help them catch their prey.

The Best Ways To Fool Early Spring Trout

If you want to catch trout in the springtime, this article is for you. Great early spring trout fishing tips.

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