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The Frontier is Wild River’s signature bar handle bag featuring a built-in LED light system, a removable self-retracting steel cable lanyard for clippers or small …
The Frontier has the capacity to hold up to seven large 3700-series and two 3600-series trays.
Wild River MULTI TACKLE BAGS. $99.99. 5145-0020: Upper and lower zippered compartments for trays and gear. Capacity to hold up to four #3500 style trays.
Wild River Multi-Tackle Fishing Equipment Fishing Tackle Backpacks,US $ 10.3 … Product name: Fishing Tackle Bag; Type: Fishing tackle backpack; Function: …
Jump to Wild River by CLC WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier Tackle Bag – The Wild River by CLC WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier Tackle Bag is one of the …
Nov 6, 2014 – I saw the Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad XP by Custom Leather Craft … This was a short trip and I didn’t want to carry several gear bags, so I …
Wild River Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP™ Lighted Backpack SKU# 52954 … Wild River FRONTIER Lighted Bar Handle Tackle Bag w/5 PT3700 Trays SKU# 46833
Wild River WT3702 Tackle Tek™ Frontier Fisherman’s Tackle Bag w/Lighted Bar Handle Are you tired of schlepping your old school Fisherman’s tackle box …
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Wild River FRONTIER Lighted Bar Handle Tackle Bag w/o Trays. Quick View. Wild River FRONTIER Lighted Bar Handle Tackle Bag w/o Trays $169.99 $137.19.

Mahi Mahi – Know the Tricks the Top Anglers Know

Mahi Mahi are a very unique or alien looking fish, they have a huge Frankenstein shaped head and a body that gets slimmer as it nears the tail, there is also a large dorsal fin that runs from just behind the top of the head to the beginning of the tail. They are a very nicely colored fish, and the colors of this fish can vary depending upon water conditions such as the algae count, the fish’s main food source in the area it lives, and other conditions, the Mahi Mahi is mostly shaded a nice bluish-green color…

Blue Marlin Fishing Is A Fascinating Hobby

The blue marlin is one of the most stunningly lovely creatures of the sea. Sporting long, pointed beaks and sleek bodies, these supermodels of the seas seem as though they were placed on earth for the sole purpose of being photographed alongside their proud and exhausted captors before being cast back into the sea to fight another day.

Different Types of Fishing Reels and a Look at Some History

There are many different types of fishing reels available today. Bait casting, spinning reels, fly fishing reels and spin cast reels just to name a few.

Catfish Rigs

What’s a rigging? Well in short, it is how you set up your line, hook(s), weight and bait. Many new anglers over complicate their rigs in hope of a sizable catch.

Underwater Ice Fishing Cameras And You

An ice fishing camera can be an awesome tool if you know what it is all about. This particular camera is attached by a cable to a monitor and is used primarily by ice anglers to see what their terrain is all about and whether any fish are interested in what they have to offer in terms of bait and lures.

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