Practicing fly casting

Hey guys sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while. I’ve been really busy with school and haven’t had the time! I’ve got some bangers coming out for you guys. Thanks 4 watching and fish on!!!

A Sport for a Lifetime

Some of my earliest memories are of fishing, so I was probably around 3 years old when I had my first fishing experience. With some of the most basic kinds of fishing, all you really need is the ability to sit or stand and hold a pole. A long as I had a rod that was light enough I was only limited to how far off my parents felt comfortable letting me go.

Fish Finder Components That Every Novice Angler Should Know About

A fish finder is one of the most essential equipments that is immensely useful to detect fish and subsequently get a prized catch without any hassle. Sure enough, it is used by expert fishermen but then, it is also used by a number of beginner level anglers as well to get the best fish to take back home. This article throws a light on certain fish finder basics, which every novice angler should know about.

So How Many Fly Rods Do You Own?

Growing up my parents didn’t have much money so for a lot of the activities I pursued, I had to earn the money to purchase the gear. It takes an eight year old a while to wash enough cars to buy a fishing rod, especially if there aren’t a lot of cars in the neighborhood to begin with. So the things I had were few, but well earned.

Catch Bigger Fish With These Fishing Tips!

How many times have you thought about an activity that can bring the whole family together, or create special moments between a father and son? Fishing is a popular recreational sport that is responsible for bringing joy and great memories into the lives of many. Read on for tips on how to create your own family memories with fishing.

Why Reading Fishing Reports is So Important – Top 3 Reasons

Have you ever decided to go fishing, got your entire stuff ready, drive all the way out to the location you heard a lot of fish are at and then, come to realize that you aren’t catching any fish and it was a waste of the entire day? Don’t feel bad, a lot of us have done the exact same thing and it’s not because you’re not a good fisherman. It’s because you should have read the fishing reports.

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