First Catch with my GoPro

Largemouth bass on Lake Hickory caught on a Biospawn Exostick

Beach Fishing: Your Fun As Beginners

To help you have a great beach fishing experience, we are going to explain how you should read a beach, what kind of fishing tackle to use and some basic fishing techniques to follow! Find your beach spot Beach fishing does require an ability to read water action, colour and current. It’s always a good idea to pick a high vantage point to help you assess the beach before you start.

Panama Fishing – Coiba Island & Hannibal Banks

If you are looking for big game such as Marlin, Sailfish or Yellowfin Tuna, Coiba Island and the Hannibal Banks are meccas for these fish. Find out more about these famous sport fishing spots in the Republic of Panama.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Booking a Fishing Pier for Your Next Event

A fishing pier isn’t just a place to catch fish. Consider booking one for your next outdoor event to bring a bit of uniqueness to your event.

How to Catch Sand Worms in the Surf

Catching sand worms to use as fishing bait is both fun and frustrating at the same time. It needs patience and practice to develop the skill. But a successful catch makes the effort worthwhile since freshly caught live sand worms are one of the best baits to use particularly for the novice or young angler. The article tells the reader the how, when, where and why of catching sand worms in the surf.

Top 5 Panama Saltwater Game Fish Sought After by Experienced Anglers

Panama is revered by fisherman across the world as one of the best places to engage in fishing for sport. Panama saltwater fishing is a thrilling, rewarding experience for those who participate in it. There are five Panama saltwater game fish that anglers seek during their journey here, each being able to hold its own with even master fisherman.

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