5 dollar fishing challenge at Kmart! (Surprising!)

How to Purchase the Best Fish Finder Device

Finding the best fish finder device in market may be confusing. In this article I outline the process in 5 simple points.

Tips on How to Catch Saltwater Flounder

There are many rigs and ways to catch flounder. Here are just a few.

Tarpon Fishing Tips and Tactics

Tarpon are one of, if not the most, exciting game fish to catch, and you don’t need a boat! They fly through the air, dive for the bottom and streak to the horizon in an attempt to throw your hook. Just when you think you have them whipped they always make a couple of last runs.

How to Buy a Saltwater Fishing Reel

Your purchase of a saltwater reel is determined by a few factors. What kind of fishing you are going to do and the type of fish you are targeting.

Guys’ Fly Fishing Trip

Being single, I can pretty much fish when, where and for how long I want. If I want to fish, I don’t have to run it by someone else or check the calendar to see if any unwanted relative are planning a visit- I just go fishing. However, everyone I fish with has a family.

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