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LED Lenser Head Torches

In this article I write about LED Lenser head torches and their uses, I also explain how to choose the right head torch that is most suitable for you and your activity. I also explain the specifications and performance options that these head torches offer.

Reasons to Take Up Fishing As a Hobby

Fishing is the act of catching animals that live in aquatic environments. In the advent of human civilization, this activity originated as a means of livelihood. People fish so that they can cook and consume whatever they catch.

How to Catch Black Drum

Black drum are fun to catch and put up a big fight. They are not hard to catch and taste great.

The Biggest Steelhead I Ever Caught – Or Almost Caught

Several years ago on the Rogue River, a buddy and I were fishing out of his raft. Usually we borrow a friends drift boat for this section but Russ just got a new oar frame and wanted to get it on the water. We were approaching a really productive stretch on river left but because we weren’t in a drift boat we were going to have to just do a drive by.

Kayak Trolling Motor Buying Guide

A trolling motor is installed in a kayak to help it sail through water smoothly and quietly. It is an electrically powered motor which helps the fisherman to concentrate more on fishing instead of worrying about boat direction and sound. Kayak trolling motors are available in various designs and styles using latest electronic technology and quality materials.

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