Catching plaice and whiting

I woke up late and missed the tide , but that did not stop me going to the knap in Barry South Wales and try for some coding and whiting , using ragworm:.
I did not catch codling .. but I did catch a few whiting and believe it or not some plaice , which I have never seen caught off there before .. a pb for me and well over the Legal limit .. the smaller plaice got returned.. who knew the knap would hold a gorgeous fish like that …

Get Better Results With Custom Fishing Rods

When you first take up a hobby like fishing, it will probably be with a borrowed rod or with a standard model picked up cheap from a local outdoor sports shop. However, as participants start to take the activity more seriously, perhaps even considering entering local or regional competitions, they may consider the benefits of custom fishing rods – those which have been designed and built according to their own specifications and to suit their own fishing style. Some custom built fishing rods simply take commercially available parts, which are not usually combined, and put them together…

Carp Fishing in France – What Ferry Should You Choose?

Before you opt for one particular cross-channel route you need to consider 4 important aspects. The prices vary greatly and by taking a few minutes to consider these 4 aspects you can ensure you make the right decision and neither waste your money or time!

The Trout Fisherman’s Equipment – Part 3

I am firmly convinced that the items a fisherman carries with him on the stream should be limited but I don’t live up to that belief. I have boxes of dry flies in regular patterns, boxes of larger dry flies and bugs, boxes for nymphs and wet flies, fly and line dressing, an extra reel or two and line, leader packs and spools of leader nylon.

Maumee River Walleye Run 2012 ~ Getting It Done

It’s early March and the Ice has finally broken, or maybe, like this spring there was no ice to speak of. Anyone with a Sander Vitreus addiction, has for months already, been sorting jigs and grub tails. I have been fishing the spring Walleye Run, down at the Maumee River for about 20 years, give or take a year or two. I was fortunate to have a father that knew the importance, of teaching us about the outdoors.

My Top Crank Bait Choices

Is your tackle box crammed with crankbaits of various size and color most of which have never seen the water. You have your select few that have caught fish and you are confident using but the others just sit there. My tackle box is the same way so here are a few pointers to help you narrow down your crankbait options.

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