Fishing for Mackerel


Well i decided to have a couple of hours fishing in the morning and I fished the high water, in hope of a few mackerel.
this is not a perfect how to video as catching mackerel REALLY is easy..
A simple cast and retrieve or jig , whichever method you feel better using… if they are there you will catch them .. you can even use a beachcaster and lead weight with feathers if you want to just catch a few quickly for the pot.
I just love the one on one sport they give, so i go light 🙂

Tricks to Catching Summer Trout

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During the summer, there are many individuals who usually want to go fishing. This is often a very relaxing activity, since you do not need to do much and you can enjoy the scenery as you wait for the fish to be hooked.

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Alabama offers some of the best fishing waters in America. Alabama has done great work on developing fishing locations and conservation of those locations. Fishing in Alabama is an excellent choice for a family vacation.Alabama can be split into three different regions for three completely different fishing experiences. North Alabama offers great lakes while South Alabama offers the challenge of deep sea fishing. All will challenge even the best of anglers.

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