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A River Runs Through It

While I was in college in Colorado, I had the opportunity to take a class called Literature of the River. For 3 weeks I camped out on the river, fly fished, and read stories based around rivers. This was hands down the best class I took during my 8 year stint in college.

Fly Fishing Etiquette – Respect the River and the Fish

Being respectful of the river and the fish is as important (if not more) in the fly fishing community as etiquette among anglers. When you spend time enjoying the beauty of a place and landing amazing healthy fish with a ton of fight in them, you can’t help but want to repeat that experience. The only way that can happen is if we take care of the river and the fish in it.

A Fly Fishing Marathon

Having been single and lacking in what my mom refers to as a “real job,” I’ve had ample time to pursue hobbies. And living in different regions of the US has provided me with opportunities to try new and interesting sports. Whenever I move, I take my new sport with me.

Bamboo Rods

I’ve always been drawn to bamboo. Even before I started fly fishing, I was enamored with the craftsmanship of the rods and the tradition surrounding them. When I fish with them, I feel like I’m in a black and white picture.

Some Habits of Steelhead

Steelhead are very popular among fly fishers especially in the Northwest (it is the official state fish of Washington.) They are celebrated for their aggressive tactics and the good fight. Steelhead are rainbow trout that spend time in the ocean and then return to fresh water to spawn.

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