Fishing Reviews TV – Frogg Toggs – Women’s Hellbender & Tekk Toad Waterfowl Wading Jacket

Heather looks at various products from the Women’s line at Frogg Toggs.

Large Mouth Bass Are Waiting For You

While they are most famous for their presence in the warm waters of the South, largemouth bass can be found all over the United States, in parts of Canada, and even as a non-native species introduced into far away waters such as those of the African country of Namibia. It is easy to think of bass as a species found in lakes or large, slow-moving rivers, but they have found homes in many smaller venues such as ponds, farm pools, and even mining basins. Since these latter habitats are less well known, they can also prove to be great bass lakes in their own right due to the lack of fishing competition.

The Newbie Fly Fishing Trout Rod

Choosing a new fly rod can be daunting for the beginner. There are many variations in size, weight, action and sections. Hopefully this article will help a newbie make a better selection when buying a trout fly fishing rod.

How To Catch Mullet Without a Net!

Catching any fish today takes some skill and the right bait, but catching fish with a hook and line that don’t normally bite on anything because they are vegetarian is a real skill. It takes lots of patience and the right mix of chum to make them want to bite a hook with some plastic on it.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Speargun?

Spearguns come in different types, and each type has its own pros and cons. When it comes to choosing the perfect weapon, however, you don’t just focus on the type of gun you are buying. Instead, take into consideration each of the parts of the weapon and take time to know more about them, how they work, and whether they will suit your spearfishing needs or not.

The Significance of a Spearfishing Float and Flag

Spearfishing is a very exciting underwater sport, but unlike your regular type of sport, it can be kind of risky. This is the reason why anyone who wants to get involved in it must invest in high-quality diving and spearfishing gears. One of the most important, but often-ignored spearfishing equipment is the diving float. Read along to find out how significant this gear is and what factors you need to consider in choosing one.

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