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Fly Fishing Guides: Why and How to Hire a Guide

There’s nothing like a day spent fishing. A beautiful river, a perfect cast and hook set just right can make for a perfect day. On the other hand, lack of skill can turn into a frustration and lack of familiarity with the waters might even make it dangerous. Whether you are planning an “angler’s only” trip or a family vacation, hiring a professional fly fishing guide might be a good idea for you to consider.

Secrets For Catching Big Trout On Ultralight Tackle

If there is one thing on this planet that I love to do more than anything else it’s to catch trout on ultralight tackle and twenty years ago when I was taught how to catch trout in this manner, I was instantly hooked. While catching trout while using ultralight tackle was a ton of fun, within a year or two I wanted to graduate from just catching trout to catching BIG trout as well, so I started honing my skills and low and behold started not only catching trout, but also catching large trout. What I learned…

Guide to Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

If you like fishing and you are ready to get serious enough to buy your own equipment you are probably wondering how to buy the right fishing rod for your needs. There are many different rods to choose from, so it’s not always as simple as knowing you’ll be going surf fishing in a week and then go to the store and get a rod. There are many different things to consider and the more time you put into finding the right rod right away, the better off you will be later on down the road because the rod will…

Rainbow Trout Bait: The Top 3

If you fish for rainbow trout using the correct trout bait is of the utmost importance. This article outlines the 3 best baits to use to catch rainbow trout.

A Few Useful Fly Fishing Tips

Like many endeavors it can be said about fly fishing that it takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. Here we are going over just a few simple tips to enhance your enjoyment of this great sport.

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