testing bass lures in isolation – coronavirus

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we know its a bath and not saltwater so some of the tails in the lures wont rise up as much but you will get the drift of what they look like underwater…. i am looking forward to the new paddle tails by pirate lures coming out.

stay safe all

Fishing Kayak Safety Facts for Buyers

When shopping for the best fishing kayak, it is imperative to take to heed the necessary concerns involving safety. The experience a person receives particularly depends on the steps taken to protect occupants traveling on the kayak. Admissibly, comfort is an essential requirement for all those purchasing kayaks.

Kayak Fishing on the Pit River

New Access to the Pit 5 Section of the Pit River. Pacific Gas & Electric is building a new campsite and river access point to launch a kayak.

What to Use As Bait to Catch the Most Trout

If you want to catch the most trout possible you need to use the best bait. In this article I outline the best baits to use so that you can catch the most trout.

Fishing Charters Provide Safety and Save Money

How many times have you watched the news or read the newspaper and you saw or heard about a boat accident? This has probably occurred more time than you think. In actuality these types of accidents occur every day.

Tips For Fishing In June

It is that time of the year again when all anglers are getting out their boats and already smelling the fish. A fishing expedition is the ultimate father and son moment to either get a good life lesson in the picture if you escape the embarrassing ones first. Whether you are out fishing with your friends, son, father or father in law, you want to get that perfect heavy catch that gives stories or years to come.

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